Specialty Training

The Showstopper Rover

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A 6 week entry level course designed to wow your friends at your next gathering. This trick class will challenge your dogs mind while also having the most fun pawssible!

Here’s some tricks (but not limited to) that you and your dog will enjoy doing together:

  • Sit Pretty
  • Wipe Your Feet
  • Skateboarding
  • Play Dead
  • Stick Em Up
  • Peek-A-Boo
  • Bring Me (Insert Item)
  • Bow
  • Who’s Your Best Friend?

Every session is 1 hour long and family members are welcome for the fun!

Reactive Rover

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Do you have a dog who walks you on leash? Are you tired of the consistent barking at people and other dogs?

Reactive Rover is a 6 week course aimed at helping adult dogs who are suffering from barrier frustration and leash reactivity. Through counter conditioning and behaviour modification, we will get you out on peaceful walks again!

Here’s a few behaviours (but not limited to) that will be included in the course:

  • Fear & Aggression Discussion
  • Counter Conditioning
  • Loose Leash Walking Skills
  • Appropriate Off Leash Interactions
  • Targeting Skills
  • Appropriate On leash Interactions

Before booking for this course:
All dogs in this course are required to be at least 6 months of age and are friendly with dogs and people while off leash. If your dog has not had off leash opportunity, or you are unsure of their friendliness, please speak with our trainer before booking!